Author Guidelines

Article will be published on Gramatika should fulfill the criteria as follows. 

  1. Article has never published on electronics media and/or other printing media and also not a plagiarism product.
  2. Article is a research results, conceptual idea, or study the application of language and literature knowledge.
  3. Article is written in bahasa Indonesia which guidelines to the standard language, include the orthographic or also can written in English.
  4. Article is typed on A4 paper, font Times New Roman 12, 1 space. Top, left, and right margin is 2,2 cm, while bottom margin is 2,7 cm.
  5. The length may range 12—15 pages with the certainty that number of table, graphic, chart, etc not more than 25 % of total pages.
  6. The systematic of article writing are title, author (without academic title), name of institute,abstract and keywords, introduction (without sub chapter), theory and method, discussion ( allow present on sub chapter), conclusion, and bibliography.
  7. The article’s title has to brief, clear, and reflect the core problem. The title is typed capitalized and printed bold.
  8. Chapter or sub chapter is printed bold and given the number that can draw the plot of discussion. The first letter is typed capitalized, except particle that not on the heading of subtitle.
  9. Abstract is composed in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Abstract contains problems, theory and method, discussion, and conclusion. The length of abstract range 100—200 words and single space.
  10. The introduction contains explanation about the reason choose the topic, problems, aims and benefits, references, also the theory framework or theory approach.
  11. The methods contains description about research technique, concept, and analysis technique based on used theory.
  12. The number of references is definited by ratio between primary source degree and up to date references that published 10 years latest.
  13. The number of citation is appropriated with the content of article. All of sources that cite on the text must write completely on the bibliography.
  14. The systematic of citation includes the page numbers. For example:
  • Teeuw (1988: 25) menyatakan bahwa ....
  • Dinyatakan oleh Teeuw (Pradopo, 1995: 16) bahwa ....
  • ... terdiri atas lima tipe (Wijana, 1989: 96).
  1. The writing of references using format APA, for example as follow:
  • Pradopo, Rahmat Djoko. 1995. Pengkajian Puisi. Yogyakarta: Pustaka Pelajar.
  • Teeuw, A. 1988. Sastra dan Ilmu Sastra. Jakarta: Pustaka Jaya.
  1. The statement of authenticity article letter and author’s biographical data are written separately (PDF format). Please download the statement on the link below.


  • The editorials have right to refuse the article if not appropriate with the criteria.
  • The editorials reserve a right to edit each published article and change the form for the reason to standardizing of article and journal artistic,  but not change the content or main idea.
  • The author of published article will get honorarium and one copies of journal as proof that it is contained in a publication.
  • For the more information about the process of writing on Gramatika, please download the template on the link below.